Katie Holmes Looks Younger Than Ever With New Vintage-Style Fringe Bangs

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Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is bringing bangs back with her new hairstyle, with the 44-year-old rocking classic fringe bangs while out in New York City to support a friend.

The actress appeared at Hotel Chelsea on Monday, Oct. 23, to attend a gathering in celebration of the launch of her friend Melissa DeRosa's new book, What's Left Unsaid: My Life at the Center of Power, Politics & Crisis, which was officially released on Oct. 24.

In a photo taken of the two women, Holmes smiled brightly, wearing a unique light green dress with button embellishments. While her hair was her usual dark brown tone, the bangs that softly swept across her brow were quite new, although Holmes has rocked them many times in the past. The fringe style of bangs gave off a '70s vibe, made even stronger by the middle part.

Katie Holmes, Melissa DeRosa<p>Steven Ferdman/Getty Images</p>
Katie Holmes, Melissa DeRosa

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

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Holmes doesn't appear to be someone who shies away from trying new hairstyles, but fringe bangs are definitely one she tends to go back to over time. Still, the last time Holmes had her hair cut with bangs was years ago—aside from soft longer pieces framing the face and some fake baby bangs that she tried last year—with the 44-year-old sticking with her classic long brown hair for quite a long time.

Many other celebrities have decided to try out bangs as well this year, including Reese Witherspoon, Kylie Jenner and even Cindy Crawford, though in some cases, the hairstyle was temporary.

Although Holmes generally stays under the radar, the mother of one still acts occasionally. Her most recent project was the film Rare Objects, which came out earlier this year. The movie co-stars Julia MayorgaSaundra Santiago and more, and Holmes also directed and co-wrote it. Currently, it's unclear if she has any plans to star in something new soon.

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