Katie Couric and Daughter Carrie Monahan Attend Markarian’s Fashion Show

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Katie Couric and her daughter, Carrie Monahan had a mother-daughter outing to the Markarian fashion show at the Ukrainian Institute of America Wednesday evening. Both looked very chic in long Markarian dresses — Monahan in an apple red and pink wave print corset dress, and Couric in an orange-and-white gingham shantung asymmetric flounce dress.

“It was my first fashion show so it was very exciting,” said Monahan, a documentary film producer. “I love Markarian and thought the clothes were beautiful, especially the big black and pink gowns. I loved that there were older models and models who weren’t skinny. Everyone looked amazing,” she said.

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Couric said that Carrie wore a Markarian dress when she was the maid of honor in her sister Ellie’s wedding last year. “Ellie changed into a Markarian dress for the reception. So they were both big fans,” said Couric.

She said that Carrie was so excited when they were both invited to the show. “They were nice enough to dress us and seat us in the front row…Carrie came over and we got our hair done and put makeup on — it was like we were going to the prom, and I was the annoying chaperone, I guess!

“We haven’t gone to any other shows but it was really fun to take it all in…the setting was so pretty and seemed appropriate for the flowy, ultra-feminine clothes. I know Nicky Hilton a bit and it was fun sitting next to her, she’s so nice,” said Couric, author of her memoir, “Going There,” who also publishes a daily newsletter “Wake Up Call.” She said she also loved the diversity of models who were used, especially silver-haired model Rachel Waller, who’s in her sixties.

Monahan has been busy these days with her podcast, “All Each Other Has,” with her older sister, Ellie Monahan, where they analyze topics like fame by proxy, sleep-away camp in the American imagination, their adolescence growing up in New York City, and cyberbullies. Currently she’s in the midst of a series about the messed-up world of New York City private schools inspired by Caitlin Flanagan’s piece in the Atlantic last year, she said.

Others in Markarian’s front row included Veronica Webb, Jasmine Sanders, Ivy Getty, Anna Baryshnikov, and Candace Bushnell.

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