Katie Austin on trying out and making it into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: 'I represent the normal girl'

Katie Austin is paving her own way in the fitness industry. Gibson Johns interviews the Katie Austin App founder about appearing in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue for the third time, bringing an increasing amount of transparency to what she posts online, evolving her content from when she started and what her day-to-day life really looks like. They also discuss what it's like working alongside her iconic mom, Denise Austin, and what she's learned from her over the years, the Katie Austin App and the major goals she has for her future.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, and I feel like the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" brand has done such a good job of evolving with the times as well. And to me, that's reflected in the fact that when this is all announced and there's the big events around the launch, like, it does feel like it's a very supportive, collaborative, kind of like family-based environment that they've created around this. Is that how it feels?

KATIE AUSTIN: Absolutely. And I feel like the coolest part about it, too, which now I fully understand, is how much they want to be aligned with women who represent something, right? So every girl in "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" has a mission or has a purpose to be in it.

And I'm not kidding you when I say every single individual who is in that magazine is, like, just so worthy and so amazing, and they're, like, fighting for something and they have a huge brand or they have a mission that they stick by. And so "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" wants to really put that platform out for every single mission or every single brand. And for me, that's, like, making girls and women feel their best selves through workouts, through healthy recipes.

And also, I always say this too, my mom doesn't like when I say this, Gibby, but I always say like, I'm not a real model, right? Like, so I was just-- I tried out with no agent. I did Swim Search. I posted the audition tape. So I also represent, like, the normal girl just having a dream, wanting to be in it. I never-- you know, my first massive modeling shoot is-- just happened to be "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit."


KATIE AUSTIN: So I wanted to really represent the realistic girl.