Kate Upton Talks Confidence

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Kate Upton has a killer sense of confidence. She knows who she is and she doesn’t try to fit into another mold. She makes everyone fall in love with her just the way she is. It’s why she’s succeeded as a model in a competitive business. The best thing about Kate is she doesn’t take herself seriously at all. She’s funny, and one of those people you want around all the time because she instantly lightens the mood in a room. Read on for our Q&A with one of my favorite people:

Bobbi Brown: What was it like growing up in the Upton household?
Kate Upton: As a family, we like to have fun. We would have family basketball games, and since my brother and I are the two youngest, we would always have to be on the same team. Granted, I’m the least athletic out of everyone in my family. 

BB: What’s the best beauty tip you learned from your mom?
KU: She taught me to wash and tone my face every night. No matter what time of night I get home, I go straight to the sink to wash and tone. I’m like a robot. It’s ingrained in me. 

BB: And who are your beauty icons now?
KU: Lauren Hutton. She has this wonderful inner beauty about her, and I love the way she carries herself. I also like that she keeps her look so natural and clean. Audrey Hepburn is another icon of mine. She was so glamorous, beautiful, and had a great sense of style.

BB: What are five words you would use to describe yourself?  
KU: Adventurous, fearless, kind, passionate and driven. 

BB: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Are you glad you did?
KU: When I was 15, I just walked into a modeling agency and I wasn’t afraid. I figured nothing to lose, no regrets. I always try to stay positive and see potential opportunities.  

BB: What’s the toughest hurdle you’ve overcome?
KU: Breaking into this business.

BB: What makes you feel the most confident?
KU: Being myself. 

BB: Have you ever had a time where you didn’t feel confident about your looks or your body?  
KU: In the beginning of my career, slimmer, less curvy models were more popular and I got down on myself. I didn’t feel as confident or as beautiful, but it made me realize that it’s not about what people say to you or what people think, it’s about competing with yourself and being the best that you can be. But also, I don’t take myself too seriously.

BB: Of what are you proudest?
KU: My first American Vogue cover—so far.

Full disclosure: Kate Upton was just named spokesperson for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.