Kate Somerville’s New Anti-Aging Cream Is Like A Facial In A Bottle

Although vaccines are rolling out and case numbers are approving throughout the country, many people—like me—don’t yet feel safe enough for personal services like facials. That’s why I’ve had to up my at-home skincare game, using products that mimic some of the services I’m used to getting. One that’s been helping? Kate Somerville’s new KateCeuticals Total Repair Cream. The anti-aging powerhouse is packed with ingredients my skin has been loving the past few weeks.

The new KateCeuticals line dropped a few weeks ago but I like to give products a real shot before I can say if they work or not. The peptide-powered system promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as hydrate and plump the skin. The 3-piece line contains many of the ingredients...

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