Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gives Fans An Update On Her Health Status And Says That The Palace Will ‘Announce’ Something Soon

kate middleton
kate middleton
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What’s going on with Kate Middleton? This is the only question that royal fans have been asking for days, as the Princess of Wales remains out of the spotlight as she recovers from a “planned abdominal surgery” from two months ago. And after her recent photoshop scandal, the rumors have only been getting worse. Fans just want answers, and Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, apparently knows something. Keep reading for more information.

Kate Middleton's Health Crisis

Ever since Kensington Palace announced back in January that Kate Middleton would be undergoing a "planned abdominal surgery" and would be in recovery until Easter, rumors have been swirling around what type of procedure Kate could've had. These rumors were only made worse by the recent photoshop scandal: Kate posted her Mother's Day card to Instagram with notable photoshopped elements, and after being called out by fans, issued an apology "for any confusion" she may have caused by her "experiment with editing."

After this, fans began coming up with wild claims—that this entire situation is a cover-up for something bigger, that Kate and William are getting a divorce, that the photo itself was AI generated and it isn't Kate Middleton behind it at all. So many questions, yet the royal family and Kate Middleton herself have remained tight-lipped.

Kate Middleton's Uncle Speaks On Kate's Health

Gary Goldsmith, 58, is Kate Middleton's uncle, and was recently voted off Big Brother. In his exit interview, he was asked about the health status of his niece, and replied, "So because she doesn't want to talk about it..." he trailed off, clearly questioning what he should say.

"The last thing I want to do..." he said, before trailing off again, looking like the kind of person who knows something. "There's a kind of code of etiquette," he said. "If it is announced, I will share my opinion."

Though Goldsmith clearly tried to keep quiet about the topic, fans still picked apart his words. In the comment section of a post on Instagram about the subject, one fan wrote, "Clearly there is something to be announced. He said 'it.' He's referring to something specific!"

"And he has an opinion on it, which means it's not just a medical procedure, because who has an opinion on a medical procedure?" another person continued the thought with.

"Something's going on, and Kate's family knows what it is," another fan said. "And if someone pretty far removed isn't sharing it for their 5 seconds of fame, you know it's bad."