Kate Middleton’s Simple Heel Hack Is Bloody Brilliant

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Ever wonder how Kate Middleton manages to rock sky-high stilettos on the reg without grimacing in pain? As it turns out, K-Middy’s otherworldly ability to wear heels all day isn’t sorcery, it’s Italian leather shoe inserts.

According to Vanity Fair, Middleton’s lady in waiting (probably) slides shoe inserts into her royal pumps to add support and make them more comfortable. The duchess has reportedly been keen on Britain-made Alice Bow inserts and has ordered multiple packs throughout the years.

Made by British designer Rachel Bowditch, the inner soles are designed to cushion the ball of the foot and heels while also fitting into a shoe unnoticed. Not to mention, they fit any shoe and make wearing high heels comfortable even for hours on end. (Since being on her feet all day is something Middleton is accustomed to, who better to put them to the test?).

Back in 2015, a spokesman for the company said, “There has been talk of the duchess wearing the insoles, but we cannot comment either way. We have seen a massive surge in site visits, however.” Considering anything the duchess buys almost immediately sells out, we’d say it’s highly likely.

The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t the only one with shoe hacks in the family. Meghan Markle brought a very practical fashion tip from Hollywood to the United Kingdom (before she stepped down as a senior member of the royal family). She buys her shoes one or two sizes too big so they don’t rub against her heels and cause blisters.

Now we’re one step closer (get it?) to becoming Kate Middleton.

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