Kate Middleton Revealed How the Royal Kids Are Adjusting to Their New School

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Amid the ongoing funeral proceedings for Queen Elizabeth II (which is causing a bit of disruption to the daily lives of British people), Kate Middleton and Prince William's three children still have to go back to school. Plus, they're the new kids this year. It's all so unfair, isn't it?

After moving from London to Windsor this summer, the new Prince and Princess of Wales decided to enroll all three of their children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—in Lambrook School in Berkshire. Luckily, official royal reports indicate that the three grandkids of the king are adjusting to their new surroundings nicely. “Kate said the children have settled in nicely with their new school and have new friends,” a neighbor named Lydia Bailey told People.

<h1 class="title">Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis Start Lambrook School</h1><cite class="credit">Pool/Getty Images</cite>

Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis Start Lambrook School

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The children were recently photographed attending first-day orientation at Lambrook with their parents. The kids have new uniforms, of course, which meant shorts for both boys, even though at age nine, Prince George is technically no longer required to wear shorts all year long in accordance with the late queen's royal dress code. Princess Charlotte's uniform is a blue gingham dress that is way cuter than the plaid jumpers I had to wear in Catholic school at her age.

This is the first time all three kiddos, aged nine, seven, and four, will be attending the same school together. So if they, by chance, do happen to run into trouble-making friends at school, at least they'll always have one another. I mean really, who else is gonna really understand them?

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