Kate Middleton Will Reportedly Appear On Meghan Markle’s Podcast

Kate Middleton Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton Meghan Markle

File this under: things we weren’t expecting! Meghan Markle could potentially welcome her most unexpected guest for her Spotify podcast yet, as it’s being reported that the Princess of Wales could soon make an appearance! Wow!

Meghan Markle Invites Kate Middleton To Appear On Archetypes Podcast

According to reports, a royal expert said that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, asked her sister-in-law to appear on her Archetypes podcast when she and husband Prince Harry, 38, were in the UK for the Queen’s funeral.

“While Meghan was over here, staying in Windsor at their cottage, she put out a request to the Princess of Wales, according to that good source, to appear on a forthcoming episode of Archetypes,” royal expert Neil Sean confessed on his YouTube channel.

Meghan has had quite a few A-list guests on her podcast so far, including Mariah Carey, (who famously branded her a ‘diva’ on the show,) Serena Williams, and Mindy Kaling, but the Princess of Wales, 40, would definitely be the most high profile one yet, with Sean revealing that Meghan could be willing to dedicate the entire episode to Kate, rather than have multiple different guests as is the norm for previous episodes.

"It, kind of, makes sense if you think. In Meghan's eyes, this is because she based it along the idea of two Duchesses, as they then were at that point, and of course talking about how difficult it is to run a family, work-life and work balance," he continued, going on to say that Meghan's team must have felt it was a good idea "ratings-wise" to have the Princess of Wales on the show.

"We're not quite sure how this was relayed to the beautiful Princess of Wales, but according to Meghan, she felt they were progressing," Sean continued. "If you recall back with that particular interview, she claimed that she was willing to forgive and move forward," he added, before going on to say that Meghan and her Spotify production team are "yet to hear back" about it, although, ever the problem-solver, Meghan "understands maybe Catherine could even fit it in when she returns over to the United States later this month for Earthshot." The last comment is in reference to the fact that the Prince and Princess of Wales will be in Boston for the Earthshot Prize awards on December 2nd – so the podcast *could* happen pretty soon!

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Royal Fans Issue Warning To Princess Of Wales

Royal fans, in particular, Princess of Wales fans, have urged her not to do the podcast! Commenting on the 'Royal News and Politics Updates' YouTube video about the news, one fan begged, "Catherine please don’t do it she will turn on you," while another added, "I hope Kate does not do the podcast... No reason to."

"Don't believe Kate would stoop as low as Meghan," wrote another. "I hope Catherine doesn't get pulled into Meghan's web – she has far more class and intelligence than Meghan," commented another. "That would be tragic for the Princess of Wales. Surely she will decline in her calm and gracious way," another hoped. "Catherine isn’t that stupid, she has class," said another.

Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle's 'Strained' Relationship

While their husbands might need a little more convincing to end their feud, the Princess of Wales appearing on Meghan's podcast could be a great way to put their own feud behind them! There have been many reports about the sisters-in-law not seeing eye to eye, with things taking a huge turn for the worse before Prince Harry and Meghan's royal wedding in 2018, as the Duchesses had a disagreement over bridesmaid dresses that reportedly left the Duchess of Cambridge in tears.

But as great as the podcast could be for their relationship, another royal expert simply doesn’t believe it will ever happen! "I don’t think so," royal correspondent Richard Palmer replied on the Royal Round Up, when asked whether he thinks the Princess of Wales will make an appearance. "I don’t get the impression that there is much of a relationship there between them at the moment. Maybe that will change, but I think the signs are the relations are still pretty strained."

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