Kate Middleton Dropped a Bomb About Her Engagement Ring That Was Princess Diana's

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Truth About Kate Middleton's Most Iconic JewelryChristopher Furlong - Getty Images
  • With King Charles III's Coronation approaching, there's renewed interest in the many accessories worn by the Royals.

  • Kate Middleton—a.k.a. Catherine, Princess of Wales—recently revealed new information about her engagement ring, which once belonged to Princess Diana.

  • Many are also recalling a charm bracelet gifted to the princess by Camilla, the new Queen consort.

With all the crown jewels coming out for King Charles III's coronation this Saturday, May 6, royal bling has been the subject of much discussion. And that's not just true of the jewels that will be adorning King Charles on his historic day. The eyes of the world are also on those members of the Royal Family whose sense of style is always in the spotlight, especially Kate Middleton.

Recently, Middleton revealed the touching familial origins of of pieces of jewelry in which she's been frequently photographed.

The first is perhaps the most famous: the sapphire and diamond engagement ring Kate received from Prince William when they got engaged in 2010. Of course, it's long been known that the often-photographed ring once belonged to Princess Diana, but according to Evoke, Kate recently revealed an interesting detail: she and Diana wear the same ring size.

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Princess Diana wearing her famed engagement ringTim Graham - Getty Images

Evoke quotes Kate as telling a crowd:

"Same ring! And it's exactly the same size. I'm honoured to wear it, I never sadly got to meet her. Also now with the children and grandchildren, I think she would have loved being a grandmother so much. She'd be absolutely brilliant, we miss her every day."

But that's not the only glittery gift Kate's worn that's receiving attention ahead of the coronation. As Camilla steps into the role of Queen consort, her connection to the other royals is receiving renewed attention. Evoke notes that, though it's not been seen publicly in some time, "Kate was gifted a charm bracelet by the Camilla on her wedding day."

The bracelet is engraved with two Cs: one for Camilla and one for Catherine, Kate's proper name. Fittingly, the two have grown close over the years: "By all accounts, Camilla and Kate have grown closer since she's joined the family and they are regularly seen enjoying a joke at royal events," Evoke reports.

Sure, Middleton hasn't been seen publicly in the bracelet since 2011, but look ... bracelets gifted by the Royal Family have a tendency to get misplaced, apparently, so that's not too surprising.

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