Kate Middleton doesn't want Prince George to get 'special treatment' to avoid 'heir and spare' dynamic in Wales family

 Kate Middleton George special treatment
Kate Middleton George special treatment

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, is reportedly keen for her eldest son, Prince George, to not receive any 'special treatment' within the royal family, despite being future King. 

Despite the fact that young Prince George is second in the royal line of succession and is set to become King some day, his mother, the Princess of Wales, is reportedly making sure that he isn't seen as any more special than his siblings within The Firm.

According to a royal source, Princess Catherine is happy for Prince George, who will mark his tenth birthday this year, to take on more responsibility than Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis has he gets older - but she doesn't want him to be given 'special treatment' at home in Adelaide Cottage or in any other areas of his royal life.

Kate Middleton George special treatment

Speaking to OK!, the royal insider explained that Kate and King Charles have different views on how King-to-be George should be preparing for life as heir, claiming, "Kate and Charles are very similar in a lot of ways: Both love what the monarchy stands for, feel a deep duty to Britain and the Commonwealth, and share the late Queen Elizabeth II’s belief that royals should 'never complain, never explain.'

"However, they’re very different when it comes to how they think the monarchy should operate in 2023.”

Kate Middleton George special treatment

What with the destructive "heir and spare" dynamic that Prince Harry has claimed played a big part in his upbringing and the breakdown of his and Prince William's brotherly bond potentially at risk of repeating itself among the three Wales children, Princess Catherine reportedly wants to make sure no difference is felt between George, Charlotte and Louis.

"Kate thinks it’s important for their family dynamic that George isn’t given special treatment.

"While Kate is open to giving George more roles, her stance is only if she signs off on it. To her, the King’s word is not final when it comes to her children. She’s been very clear about that."

Kate Middleton George special treatment

This comes after it was claimed that King Charles wants to ensure that his grandchildren don't make the same mistakes as he did growing up.

Appearing on Channel 5 documentary The Fab Five: The King's Children, royal expert Professor Chandrika Kaul explained that the monarch hopes that George, Charlotte and Louis in particular can have normality in their upbringing, despite the spotlight on their lives as royals.

"I think King Charles is very keen that his grandchildren don’t make the mistakes that I think he feels he made, particularly," Professor Kaul said.

"What I think he wants to do is try and help these young grandchildren grow up in as normal a way as possible and create more fully rounded human beings who are unafraid of their emotions."