Kate McKinnon Honors Her 'SNL' Character and 'Real-Life Superhero' Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hilary Weaver
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Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images


"That's a Ginsburn!" Kate McKinnon's classic line from Saturday Night Live was just one aspect of what made her impression of the Supreme Court Justice so great. Her interpretation of the groundbreaking feminist leader who was delivering dissents and pumping iron well into her 80s made RBG fans love Ginsburg—and McKinnon—even more.

Following Ginsburg's death on Friday, McKinnon honored her with a statement, via Deadline.

"For so many of us, Justice Ginsburg was a real-life superhero: a beacon of hope, a warrior for justice, a robed crusader who saved the day time and again," she wrote. "Playing her on SNL was a profound joy because I could always feel the overwhelming love and gratitude that the audience had for her," she said. "It was one of the great honors of my life to meet Justice Ginsburg, to shake her hand, and to thank her for her lifetime of service to this country."

Last August, McKinnon finally met RBG in real life at an off-Broadway performance of Fiddler on the Roof. This video of the SNL superstar meeting the SCOTUS giant is epitome of "starstruck."

Look at them shaking hands!

At the Sundance Film Festival in 2018, Ginsburg shared her feelings on McKinnon's portrayal of her: "I liked the actress who portrayed me and I would like to say Ginsburned sometimes to my colleagues," she said. She even did her own version of McKinnon's signature "Ginsburg!" catch-phrase.

Rest in justice, Notorious RBG. Our Supreme Court hero. Our "robed crusader." Honor her, and register to vote here. If you're already registered (hopefully you are!), here's how you can vote by mail.

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