Kate Beckinsale, 47, Just Showed Off Her Toned Abs In Two New Instagram Photos

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Photo credit: Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
Photo credit: Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
  • Kate Beckinsale, 47, just showed off her toned abs to encourage her fans to vote.

  • The actress can't vote in the United States' 2020 election because she's British.

  • But that didn't stop her from rocking a "VOTE" bra top to get the message out.

Celebrities are flooding Instagram with posts encouraging people to vote in the United States' 2020 election. And, even though she’ss British, Kate Beckinsale is doing the same.

"I can’t vote due to being 🇬🇧 but I CAN wear a custom golden VOTE bra and encourage you to," the actress, 47, wrote alongside a pic of herself modeling the bra top, sparkly sleeves, and slouchy pants. "In fact please vote on my behalf. If the voter registration deadline has passed, you can still register to vote in person at a designated Election Day Registration office. Contact your Local Election Office if you have any questions. Check your state for details."

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And, in true Kate Beckinsale style, she had to throw a joke into the mix. "Also do not wear a metal bra next to an open fire for an extended period of time," she wrote. Noted!

The messaging is on-point because voting is always super important, but it’s kinda impossible to ignore the fact that Kate's abs looks amazing.

Of course, Kate didn't get such a toned core by accident. Kate opened up about her fitness routine to Women’s Health UK in May, and it’s clear she puts in the work.

Her trainer, Brad Siskind of Gunnar Gym in Beverly Hills, says Kate gets right down to business during their sessions, which happen six times a week. "The whole hour is work," he said.

In 2019, Kate told Women’s Health that she usually starts her day with a sweat sesh. "I wake up, eat something, and go straight to the gym," she said. "Then, if I’m going to do cardio, I’ll do it later on in the day." Trainer Gunnar Peterson, who worked with Kate at the time, said Kate does fast-paced, total-body exercises with an emphasis on her core.

Kate is big on eating protein, and usually has chicken or eggs for breakfast. After her workout, she’ll have a salad with radishes, Brussels sprouts, and safflower oil, and salmon later in the day.

Kate also told Women’s Health UK that she’s careful with what she drinks: She avoids caffeine and alcohol. "If I ate too much dark chocolate, it would be like someone else taking cocaine," she said.

Kate said she started working out to get ready for 2001’s Pearl Harbor (director Michael Bay asked her to lose weight for her role). "Now, exercise is almost more important to me mood-wise," she explained. "The other aspects feel like a great side effect."

Kate added that she looks to exercise to help her get rid of stress. "I’m very connected to my body--if I’m going to experience stress, I’m probably going to experience it physically," she said. "So, it’s usually a good idea for me to do something physical to get rid of it."

And that is how Kate looks like that.

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