Kardashian fans are calling Kourtney out for having food in the bathroom

kourtney kardashian fans react to food in bathroom pic
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In news we weren't expecting today, it appears Kourtney Kardashian has left fans feeling pretty grossed out after her most recent Instagram post.

In a slideshow of pictures posted online last night, captioned "😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫", Kourtney shared an image of a bathroom featuring plates of food across the floor, next to a filled up bath.

In the image there's strawberries in a bowl, champagne in an ice bucket and what appears to be a half eaten burger resting on the toilet. Yep, really. Take a look at the image below (swipe to slide three).

Kardashian fans have been quick to call Kourtney out for the "gross" image with one person commenting: "Food on the commode and bathroom floor 😳 no ma’am 👣👣👣."

Another agreed saying: "Food on the toilet 😮 that's nasty."

And another said: "Food in the bathroom is not the move 🤢."

Others said they were left "gagging" and "grossed out" by the image.

However, some fans were quick to come to Kourtney's defence, with one pointing out the valid argument that people often take their phones to the bathroom and have it next to their food in restaurants.

"People are commenting about food in the bathroom but you take your phone in the bathroom and then have it at the table taking pics of your food…same difference. Let Kourt live!" they said.

And others argued Kourtney's bathroom could be cleaner than restaurants. Whilst we wouldn't race to eat an entire meal in the bathroom, we can see the appeal of having a quick snack whilst you're getting ready in the bathroom. And people often take a glass of wine into the bath, so how different is it really?

kourtney kardashian fans react to food in bathroom pic
Instagram @kourtneykardash

Wherever you stand on the eating food in the bathroom debate (we're still not 100% convinced) Kourtney has actually cleared up what all food was doing in the bathroom.

Taking to her Instagram Stories Kourtney reshared the image with the caption: "the comments about this photo 😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫."

And then on her next story she shared an image of the bathroom, but this time showing it in the context of what the set up actually was - a photoshoot.

The bathroom scene was from Kourtney and husband Travis Barker's shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth, as part of a campaign with plant based chicken brand Daring.

In the image Kourtney and Travis are pictured sitting in the filled up bath with Kourtney pretending to eat a burger and Travis pouring champagne into his mouth.

So there we have it, Kourtney wasn't filling up her own bathroom with plates of food, and even if she was, that's her decision to do so. We probably won't be copying though.

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