Should Kansas and Louisville be terrified after Oklahoma State’s sanctions? | Yahoo Sports College Podcast

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Pete Thamel and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde discuss the NCAA’s sanctions levied on Oklahoma State and how they could be an ominous sign of things to come for schools like Kansas, Louisville and LSU.

Video Transcript

- If you are hit with a level 1 sanction-- the allegation that is upheld as a sanction, you are going to be banned from the postseason for at least one year. And as I believe-- I think I said it on this podcast. I know we discussed it. Kansas could get three or four years. Louisville could get three or four years. You know? You get level 1, aggravating circumstances, you're talking darn near pave over the program.

- Pat, you had said that, and I was skeptical, because I have been skeptical. I've been skeptical of hte NCAA. They've given me 2 and 1/2 years to be skeptical. I'm going to paraphrase John Duncan, who's the NCAA enforcement vice president. Basically, a culture had been created where coaches felt like if they were following rules, it was a deterrent to their program. They felt like they were being punished for following the rules.

And could this reverse that? No. There's always going to be cheating. College sports have been so historically corrupt. The cheating is not going to end. Could this moderately deter some behavior? You hope so. But this is the first sign of the NCAA saying, you are not going to walk all over us and mock us.

And let's face it. LSU is mocking the NCAA right now by not firing Will Wade. And Arizona is mocking the NCAA, the president. It's not even the ADs. It's the president. Kansas is not only mocking the NCAA, but it's standing, as we said, mooning and double-birding the NCAA.

So it's a fascinating standoff. And so far, Kansas and Arizona have won, because they've had great teams and would've been in the tournament this year. They have gotten the short-term benefit from it, but the long-term boom is on the horizon.

- I've got to say, Pat, I was highly skeptical of the three, four-year postseason ban call on Kansas. That thing comes through, it's one of the-- I don't want to use the word "great," but one of the all-time call your shots.

- Yeah.

- I mean, like, holy what? You know, what of the funny things about the Oklahoma State case-- Brian Bowen Sr. said that the offer per Christian Dawkins that Oklahoma State was offering to sign his son was 150 grand, like 8 grand for a car and a house.

- It's a lot of stuff.

- You can say, well, Bowen Sr. is lying. Why? Dawkins was lying. Why? Dawkins says, this is the offer. And you go to-- you're in Stillwater. Where's my money, right? I mean, like, Dawkins is trying to sign Brian Bowen's son. He's not trying to anger him with a trick to send him to Stillwater. Dawkins didn't want him going to Stillwater. He wanted him to to Louisville.

But you know, I do think the NCAA-- like, listen, we had to sit on our hands for three years. We got bashed by everyone. Well, here we come. And let me say this too. One of the all-time great this isn't fair, the mean NCAA is you're punishing players who weren't there.

- Gee. Haven't heard that before.

- They say that if it happens one minute after-- you know, the day after the penalty. Well, that guy's gone. What are you punishing me for? You know all these schools that are under probation, that are under investigation. Sign at your own peril.

Let met put it this way. If you're going to sit there and go-- I'm going to get-- I'm going to buy a car here, I'm going to go buy a used car, and they go, oh, that dealership is under FBI investigation for selling lemons to people, yeah, I'm going to sign it-- I'm going to buy that car anyway. I mean, what?

This should be the warning. I don't care. They're not punishing innocent people. You signed with that school. And that school got the benefit of winning games while-- now, not necessarily in Oklahoma State's case because the whole thing blew up. But why do you want to go to Kansas? Winning tradition. Well, why did they win?

It's all-- it's just a whiny victim mentality. You can sign with whatever school you want, but those are the deals. Everyone knows who is it. And so if you're going to be mad that some guy you never met at a time you weren't there is going to affect your season-- I do feel bad for the Oklahoma state players, but you signed with Oklahoma State. That was the risk you were taking.

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