Kansas City Chiefs Drop Taylor Swift Easter Eggs in New Postseason Teaser Videos

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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs are definitely capitalizing on the highly-publicized romance of their player, tight end Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift—and this time, we're not talking about the amount of camera shots that display the pop star during football games.

In a recent teaser video, the sports organization is taking the couple's relationship to new heights, if you will, showcasing a seemingly Traylor-inspired advertisement.

A clip first surfaced on the official Instagram account of the Chiefs on Tuesday, Jan. 9, alongside the caption, "Huddle up, Chiefs Kingdom... we’ve got a postseason story to tell."

The storybook-themed snippet opened with a narrator rhyming, throwing out some lines about some of their players.

"Valentine's Day is jealous of the love story we have," the voice said at one point, as clips of Kelce appeared on screen during gameplay. For those unaware, "Love Story" is also the name of a Swift song from her 2008-released album, Fearless.

Another reference was dropped moments later when "13 seconds" was mentioned—the number 13 being highly significant for the "Lavender Haze" songstress. Swift has long attributed 13 to being her lucky number, often writing the numerical digit on her hand for performances in the early days of her music career. She was also born on the 13th of December.

“Numbers kind of rule my world,” she admitted to Paul McCartney in a 2020 chat for Rolling Stone's “Musicians on Musicians” series. “The numbers 13… 89 is a big one.” Because, of course, she was born in 1989, and named her 2014-released project after the year.

The sports organization even shared a series of teaser videos for what looks to be an upcoming TV film entitled Falling for Football, starring Hallmark actor Tyler Hynes, actress Janell Parrish, and more. Even the Catching Kelce alum's mom, Donna Kelce, is involved in the project, as she shared via social media that she's making her "acting debut" in the rom-com flick.

So from the looks of it, the pair's relationship is getting the movie treatment, after all—well, sort of. It could just very well be a TV movie-themed ad. Either way, folks are invested in the storyline!

"This is how you appeal to all the new female Chiefs fans! Well done marketing team, well done!" one fan in the comments applauded, while another confirmed the excitement with, "Tyler Hynes, Janel Parrish, AND Donna Kelce all in a video together? As a diehard Hynie and Swiftie, this is beyond my Wildest Dreams."

A third noticed, "The friendship bracelets are *chef’s kiss 🤌🏻."

Though we're not quite sure what exactly is coming, one thing is for certain—whatever it is, Swifties and Chiefs Nation will be tuned in!

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