Kamie Crawford Says This Is the No. 1 Trait to Uncover Before Dating Someone

Kamie Crawford.<p>Charley Gallay/Getty Images</p>
Kamie Crawford.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

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As the host of her own dating podcast and the co-host of several relationship-centered reality television shows, we’ll gladly accept any and all advice in the love department from Kamie Crawford.

The two-time SI Swimsuit model recently shared a throwback clip from a prior Relationsh*t with Kamie Crawford podcast episode, in which the 31-year-old offered a smart suggestion when it comes to the process of finding a potential partner.

“I think apps should actually include people’s zodiac signs in there,” Crawford stated during the Instagram reel. “... While that’s a very personal thing that I care about and many people don’t, a lot of us do. Like, I need to know. Are you a Gemini? I need to know immediately. Are you a Cancer? What’s going on? When should I bow out of this situation? How far am I willing to go?”

The clip was posted to both Crawford’s personal Instagram account and that of the podcast’s, and elicited plenty of feedback in the comments section.

“I’m sorry, but knowing your zodiac sign is just as important as figuring out if you’re a morning or night person 🤷🏽‍♀️,” the caption read in part. While the clip is from an episode that originally aired over a year ago, the Catfish co-host stood by her stance.

“Matter fact - post the whole chart 👀,” she commented.

“I thought i was the only one that thought this 😂 ❤️,” a follower noted.

“She’s always speaking facts!” someone else applauded.

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