Kamala Harris's Sneaker Collection Has Us Believing She's "All Laced Up and Ready to Win"

Nikita Charuza

Prepare to be impressed by how casual, practical, and affordable Kamala Harris's sneaker collection is. We've seen Twitter going wild over her opting for black Converses instead of heels. (Honestly, who needs kitten heels when you can wear sneakers?)

We first noticed the Democratic vice presidential nominee sporting black low-top Chuck Taylor All Stars with a navy blazer and dark-wash skinny jeans during a trip to Milwaukee. We loved how the unisex kicks are not only affordable with a $50 price tag, but they're also totally relatable and cool, while still being able to get things done. She even went on to wear a pair of Timberland boots during the campaign trail.

Obviously, Kamala was into her sneaker moment too, as she captioned a video of her disembarking a plane, "All laced up and ready to win." Okay, Kamala! We see you. We took a look back at multiple events not only during the campaign, but during her career and noticed that she definitely has a soft spot for sneakers - especially Converse. Keep reading to get a closer look at Kamala's sneakers collection and shop some similar styles ahead.

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