Kai Lenny and Big Wave Crew Surf Mental Jaws in New Edit from Surfing Visions

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Hawaii just got hit by the second huge swell of the season, aptly named the Black Friday Swell.

On Oahu's North Shore, guys like Koa Rothman, Koa Smith, Nathan Florence, and Eli Olson surfed–and survived–the outer reefs and Waimea Bay.

Over on Maui, Kai Lenny went mental at Jaws and did a flip on a 20-footer. Big wave hellman Albee Layer was out there too, and almost killed his friend during the all-around historic session.

But before all of this glorious big wave chaos went down last week, October's giant swell kicked off the winter season on a big Wednesday.

Australian surf cinematographer Tim Bonython, who has a fascination with the world's biggest, most beautiful, and monstrous waves, was there to shoot it.

Since he was somewhere else in the world chasing big waves on Black Friday, he just released more footage of the open season swell in the edit above.

Bonython captioned it:

"So since I've been in Europe, I've have been working nonstop.

"Nazare has been pumping and then there was monster storm sitting right in the middle of the Atlantic that had swell heading everywhere so we went to Morocco. And so in the meantime, I've been lagging on editing my previous adventures.

"Peahi's second day during the OPEN SEASON swell had some epic moments both in paddle & tow.

"So check it out. It features Albee Layer, Jamie Mitchell & Kai Lenny, and a bunch of very talented young blokes, Tyler Balsillie & the Robertson brothers. ENJOY!"

Viewers were stoked. How could they not be? Check out a few of their comments below:

"Haven't seen Peahi in that clarity of light before Tim. Great work."

"Some of the coolest footage EVER. Amazing effort!"

"Loved it Tim. Geez you get around!! Love how Kai Lenny approaches that joint. Absolutely mind blowing. Thanks."


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