Kacey Musgraves Loves Her New Candle So Much, She Says She’s Changing Her Name

kacey musgraves boy smells
Kacey Musgraves Just Dropped a New Candle BFA / Ben Rosser
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In the music video for “Deeper Well,” the title track of Kacey Musgraves’s forthcoming album, the Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter walks across a surreal twilight landscape, all moss, heather, boulders, and ocean. The song is a quiet anthem to self-discovery and self-reliance. It’s also the inspiration for a new fragrance that Musgraves has dreamed up with the cult fragrance maker, Boy Smells.

Also called Deeper Well, the new candle is meant to be an olfactory companion to the country singer’s upcoming album and is defined by damp, earthy notes like oakmoss, beetroot, and mushrooms, permeated with brighter whiffs of eucalyptus, raspberry, and saffron.

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“You know, when somebody comes in from outside—maybe you miss them, maybe you love them—and they smell like them, and it’s familiar and feels comforting, but they also smell like outside?” Musgraves said at the fragrance’s launch party in Manhattan last night. “There’s an element of the candle that feels like that to me. And I love that.”

The Deeper Well candle marks Musgrave’s second collab with Boy Smells, an ongoing partnership that Musgraves termed a “creative flex.” The first, a candle called Slow Burn, which paired with the opening track of the singer’s award-winning Golden Hour album, was met with critical acclaim for its sultry mix of smoky otes like cedar, black pepper, and tonka bean. Deeper Well, meanwhile, is loamier, fresher, and more mysterious, evoking the wild exterior and interior landscape that Musgraves explores in her song.

kacey musgraves boy smells
The Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter at the fragrance’s launch party in New York. BFA / Ben Rosser

“Just as in her music, fragrance becomes a deeply personal expression,” Matthew Herman, Boy Smells’ cofounder, said in a press release, noting that, in addition to perfecting the scent with Musgraves, the brand worked with the singer on the scent’s branding and packaging.

“It was so f------ fun,” Musgraves said of the entire venture, joking, “I am changing [my name] to Kacey Mossgraves.”

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