Justine Bateman has the most fabulous response to people saying she looks 'old'

 justine bateman - Justine Bateman looks 'old'
justine bateman - Justine Bateman looks 'old'

Justine Bateman wants to give a message to people who are criticizing her as she ages - and we love her empowering message.

When you're in the spotlight, your life is automatically open to much more criticism than the average person would face. Of course, being a sibling to well-known actor Jason Bateman doesn't help that case - but Justine Bateman is here to show that she doesn't care what her critics have to say.

At age 57, she didn't necessarily realize there was online discourse about her aging face until she Google her own name. She's not the only celeb who faces this criticism though - even A-Listers like Madonna have had to clap back at the critics who say she looks too old.

Talking to 60 Minutes Australia, she reveals that she was really shocked to see that her looks were a topic of conversation at all.

"I googled my name Justine Bateman, and an autocomplete came up which said 'looks old', and I was like, 'What!'" she said.

Justine Bateman

She then revealed that this revelation happened over 10 years ago, adding, "And I was only 42 at the time …and I was like 'what?' And I looked at the pictures that they had as evidence and I couldn’t see what they were talking about," she continued.

She said, despite the criticism, she doesn't "give a sh*t" if people have something to say about how she looks - in fact, she thinks she looks "rad".

"I just don't give a s***. I think I look rad, I think my face represents who I am. I like it," she proclaimed.

Justine also then added that she feels sad for those who have to get Botox or alter their face in order to feel good about themselves - a very hot topic in the midst of buccal fat removal, injectables, and anti-aging conversations in general at the forefront of relevancy right now.

"They're just not enjoying life," she said. "I feel sad that they are distracted from the things they’re meant to do in life, with this consuming idea that they’ve got to fix their face before anything else can happen."

Justine's fans caught wind of her comments on 60 Minutes after she posted a link to the clip to her Instagram. "Don’t be distracted from all the opportunities coming your way," she said in the caption of the post.

She received a slew of comments praising her for taking a stand on the topic of visually aging - a struggle that continues to plague our society, specifically with women.

"It was a powerful share. Aging in a culture of anti-aging isn’t particularly easy, but it’s heartening to hear from other women who recognize that our worth is not determined by our appearance," one of Justine's fans commented on her post.

"We’re objectified in our teens and twenties, only to be discarded by society by the time we reach our forties for the 'crime' of aging. Aka staying alive. It’s patriarchal BS and we deserve better."