Justin Long And Kate Bosworth Are Officially Married, Just A Month After Announcing Their Engagement

Big news for Justin Long and Kate Bosworth!

A closeup of Kate and Justin
Robert Smith / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Just a month after announcing their engagement, Justin seemingly announced that the couple have officially tied the knot.

Eagle-eyed fans first speculated that the pair had said "I do" when they spotted Kate wearing a wedding band during an Amazon live stream.

A closeup of Kate from Instagram stories where two ring bands can been seen on her finger
@katebosworth / Via Instagram: @katebosworth

And Justin appeared to confirm the news when he called Kate his "now-wife" in an interview about filming his movie Barbarian in Bulgaria.

"I was there while I was like really falling in love with my now-wife," he said on his Life Is Short podcast.

He continued, "She came to visit, and I had never been comfortable with…set visits. I like to separate the relationship."

But instead of the visit making him uncomfortable, Justin says he "loved having her there" and they "had the most magical time."

"It helped me having her there. She'd help me with scenes. It was the best," Justin shared.

The couple's marriage news comes about a year after first sparking dating rumors after meeting on the set of House of Darkness.

Congratulations to Justin and Kate!