I Just Watched "Loki" Episode 4 As A Casual Marvel Fan, And I Had Some Thoughts

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Hi there. Welcome to week four of my thoughts while watching Loki as an ill-informed, fairly new Marvel fan.

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I can't really find any good GIFs from this episode, so here's a Loki hair flip.

Let's get into Episode 4, "The Nexus Event."

1. Assgard! LOL, that cannot be how it's spelled. I'm going with it, though. (I know I've spelled it correctly before, but apparently I don't have it in me right now.)

A city in Asgard

2. I really like that we're getting a young Sylvie backstory. Very fun.

3. Oh, so the Judge earned the Judge job, because in the flashback the Judge is just a TVA officer. Cool.

4. Oh my god, yes little Sylvie. Escape like a winner.

5. It's great that Sylvie and the Judge have a personal hate between them like that.

6. Oh, I love that shot of the doors opening in the elevator to mist. Wonderful.

7. The Time-Keepers!!!!! I want them to be played by the Jonas Brothers.

8. The TVA officer's death is a good way to give all the TVA characters real stakes. [And as I've now realized a few minutes later, it gives Sylvie power in relation to them.]

9. Is Owen Wilson's hair dyed? It's got to be, right?

10. I have subtitles on now and I see it's "Asgard." Fair.

11. Oh okay, so Sylvie was born a Variant as the Goddess of Mischief. Was that clear?

12. LOL, the TVA had to deal with Sylvie as soon as she created a big enough detour on the Sacred Timeline, which is a real workaround of the fact that she wasn't taken immediately as a baby.

13. I love "everywhere and every-when I went."

14. And great that everywhere Sylvie went was wrong right away because she's wrong.

Marvel Studios

15. Lovely shot of Sylvie and Loki looking at the incoming doom.

Sylvie and Looki looking up at the meteors coming for them

16. I don't really understand the stakes here in terms of Sylvie and Loki's deaths, because can't the TVA just travel through time? Assuming there's no seperate timeline the TVA is on — which I believe tracks — then they have all the time in the world to find Sylvie and Loki, and Sylvie and Loki should trust that.

17. I'm sorry, is this very steep branch happening because Loki and Sylvie are now into each other? Hard pass. They're essentially the same person.

18. Mobius's face is like, "Come on dude, are you seriously attracted to yourself?"

19. Why does Loki think Mobius betrayed him?

20. Jaimie Alexander! From Thor and co.!

21. "I hope you know you deserve to be alone and you always will be" is an extreme thing to say.

22. Love the repetition of Jaimie Alexander.

23. So Mobius is always dealing with a Loki, I guess. Alright, cool.

24. The TVA has brought in vampires! Vampires exist in Marvel movies!

25. This is the TemPad of a killer, Bella.

26. Tom Hiddleston is a fantastic actor.

27. Yep, Loki and Sylvie like each other, which I'm a bit getting my head around, but also no.

28. Who says "box your ears"? I had to look up what that means.

29. How does Sylvie know that they're all Variants? Like when/how did she learn that?

Marvel Studios

30. Love that the TVA officers let Loki get his little speech out to Mobius.

Loki says, "You know, of all the liars in this place, and there are a great many, you're the biggest," Mobius asks, "Why, 'cause I lied about your girlfriend," and Loki says, "Oh no, that I can respect, I mean the lies you tell yourself"

31. Which Variant are the Time-Keepers overseeing the pruning of? (That was a weird sentence.)

32. Also love how Mobius wasn't allowed near Sylvie because she'd show him the truth (and also kill h...oh my god, C-20 was killed. I'm a dummy! Of course! C-20 was killed because she knew too much!)

33. Okay good, the Judge and Mobius are just friends and there's no romantic-ness. Please god.

34. Also, she's lying to him.

35. That scene between the Main TVA Officer and Sylvie was awesome. Not sure why they went to Roxxcart for it, but why not?

36. Thank you for the zoom, Mobius, to see who was in the video with C-20. I think we all knew it was the Judge.

37. Aww, I like this friendship between Mobius and Loki. They're both rascals.

38. Maybe Mobius had a jet ski! I hope so!

39. Oh my god! Was Mobius really pruned? No way. Owen Wilson isn't gone. No way.

40. Oh, Loki's gonna meet pre-TVA Mobius. That's how Owen Wilson isn't gone.

41. I guess Loki wasn't pruned right then because the Time-Keepers wanted to see both he and Sylvie go poof.

42. This set design is amazing. What an elevator.

43. That Judge-Sylvie moment was fantastic. I think that was my favorite part of the episode.

44. Oh, I hate how the Time-Keepers look. Oh, no. Noooooo! Oh my god, no. Hahahahahaha.

Marvel Studios

45. What a way to break the cool of the show.

One of the TIme-Keepers

46. Yeah, if Loki and Sylvie are no threat to the Time-Keepers, why would they make sure to personally watch them get pruned?

48. This is a fun fight. I love that the Time-Keepers are just sitting there.

49. Yes, the Time-Keepers are machines! Yes! I love it being a deeper mystery to their identities and I love that that means they don't actually look like that! [Or, as editing-this-me knows, perhaps there are no "Time-Keepers" at all.]

50. Oh my god, is he gonna kiss her? Is he gonna kiss her??? Maybe don't do that! You're the same person! But, okay, I'll get over that. Also, Loki, don't kiss someone who doesn't understand that that's about to happen and therefore doesn't consent to it.

51. OH MY GOD! Bye, Loki. Wow. Boom. Okay. Wow, what an ending.

52. Post-credit scene time! Oh my god, Loki's in, like, the pruned graveyard! There's going to be a billion hims!

53. Yes, all the Lokis!!!!!!!!

Marvel Studios

That's it for Episode 4! What a great episode. I think the premiere is still my favorite so far, but this was awesome.

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Hope you enjoy this GIF of the firework thing from the last episode.

See you next week, Jo Bros.

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