Just a List of Ways to Kill Time While Getting Your Hair Braided

Ama Kwarteng
·2 min read

From Cosmopolitan

Look, I adore waist-grazing Senegalese twists and teeny-tiny box braids as much as the next person, but what I don't love about them? The time it takes complete the look. In case you didn't know, some protective styles take a long time to finish. I'm talking six to eight hours long. That means you're usually stuck sitting in a salon chair, completely bored out of your mind, and annoying your friends by blowing up the group chat with memes from Instagram that they've already seen on Twitter.

So to solve your hair dilemma, here's a pro-tip from me to you: Unless you want to get stuck making awkward conversation with your stylist, bring a few sources of entertainment (and a phone charger) to help you pass time while you're sitting in the chair. Need some ideas? Peep the list below.

1. Watch The Irishman. Twice.

2. Fill a reusable water bottle with sauvignon blanc and secretly get wine-drunk.

3. Catch up on alllll the Morning Brew newsletters that are gathering virtual dust in your inbox.

Photo credit: Stocksy
Photo credit: Stocksy

4. Plan every last detail of your first post-pandemic group vacay. Mykonos, prepare yourself.

5. Pin a bunch of quick and easy dinner recipes so you can at least pretend like your Seamless-addicted self is going to cook.

6. Listen to every single JonBenét Ramsey-themed podcast episode on Spotify (even though we all know who did it).

7. Get sucked into a vortex of hate-stalking your ex's ex and then promptly enable time limits for all your social apps.

8. But not before you go through the roster of each NBA team and slide into the DMs of the cutest players (#ShootYourShot).

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