Just an Extremely Thirsty Post About the Guy Who Plays Gabriel in ‘Emily in Paris’

Emma Baty
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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

From Cosmopolitan

There’s a lot to love about Netflix’s new show Emily in Paris. It’s the frivolous escape many of us have been craving for months now, and between the amazing clothes, the beautiful setting, and the ever-present charm of Lily Collins, it gets better every time you hit “next episode.” But one of the show’s greatest accomplishments, in this straight woman’s opinion, is how absolutely gorgeous the men are. I’m here to introduce you to one of them. His name is Lucas Bravo, and he plays Gabriel.

As I binged the entirety of this show in roughly 10 hours, I kept thinking to myself, Who is this mans? Why have I never seen him before? And why am I…suddenly obsessed with him? That brought me to Google, naturally, and here’s what I found out. (You’re welcome for saving you the searches.)

He’s French.

I mean, no shit, but I was thrilled to discover that accent is not fake! You can hear even more of it in this video. Enjoy!

He can actually cook.

Hands down the hottest part of Gabriel is that he can whip up an omelet in a pinch, and apparently, Lucas can too. “I used to be a sous chef in a restaurant a few years ago,” he said in a recent interview. “So when I first got the scripts, I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is definitely for me, I’m definitely going to use those skills.’ And so they made me cook the omelets I made for Emily in the show.” I’ll be thinking about him in a chef’s coat until the day I die.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

He was/is a model.

Lol, casual! It’s fine, everything is fine!

He was even in a Chanel ad, which is…more than my brain can currently comprehend.

He has watched Sex and the City, and yes, he took inspiration from the show.

There are many references to Sex and the City in Emily in Paris, but if you were wondering whether Lucas thinks Gabriel is an Aidan or a Big…

He used to have long hair.

IDK, it just feels like an important thing to know about a man before you decide to stan him.

He’s been to Burning Man more than once.

Do with that information what you will.

He cares about animals.

He has a link in his bio for the Referendum for Animals, which is an animal welfare initiative. As Paris Hilton would say, that’s hot.

In conclusion…

If you catch me sliding into this man’s DMs, mind your business.

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