Just a Casual Super Juicy Guide to Matt James’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’

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Hands up if you are embarrassing levels of excited about Matt James’s upcoming season of The Bachelor!? Truly same. Like, my therapist is concerned for me. But anyway! While we’re a long way out from when the show will actually air in 2021, Matt has officially begun the filming process and it looks...a little...different. Here’s literally everything that we know about his Bachelor season so far due to being stalkers totally normal fans.

It’s Being Filmed at a Resort in Pennsylvania

We know this nugget of info thanks to Bachelor spoiler source and unsung hero Reality Steve, who broke the news that Matt would be filming at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania back in August:

I mean, there are worse places to be trapped for several months on end. See: my apartment.

It’ll (Probably) Be a Closed Set

Meaning no one is coming in or out due to coronavirus safety protocols. ABC learned this the hard way during Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, when host Chris Harrison left set to drop his kid off at college and then had to be replaced as host during a brief quarantine. And speaking of quarantine, Reality Steve reports that cast and crew are currently quarantining at the resort and will begin filming October 10.

TBH, I’m jealous for reasons pertaining to this view:

The Contestants Have Already Arrived!

Amid increased calls for diversity both on the show and behind the scenes, ABC appears to have cast a pretty diverse group of women. They’re all currently at the resort and off Insta, but meet them at the link below!

One of Matt’s Exes Is on the Show

Literally screaming at ABC pulling this move, but apparently Matt’s ex Madison Nelson is a contestant this season—which is inevitably going to lead to a ton of drama. According to Reality Steve, Matt and Madison dated back when Matt’s BFF Tyler Cameron was with Gigi Hadid, and there’s even photo evidence:

Cynthia Rowley’s Daughter Is Competing?!?

Well, this is a first! We don't usually get celeb kids on this show, but fashion designer Cynthia Rowley’s daughter Kit Keenan is one of Matt’s contestants, according to Page Six. And psst: for everyone who thinks she’s just on the show to be an influencer—at over 40k followers, she already is, friend.

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Wells Adams Is On Set

The sleuths behind @bachdetective discovered this after matching a frame in the background of one of Wells' Instagram posts to a frame in one of the rooms at Nemacolin. THEIR MINDS! Unclear why our dude is on set, but it could be because he's bartending during this season.

So...When Does It Air?

Thanks to having a later start date than usual because of the pandemic, this season of The Bachelorette will likely air alllllll the way into the holidays. Meaning that The Bachelor won’t premiere until early 2021. Something to look forward to other than this year ending.

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