Just a Bunch of Hilarious Oscars Memes For You to Enjoy During Commercial

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In case you missed it, it’s Oscars night. The stars have gotten glitzed and glammed-up, walked the red carpet and are all waiting in the same room to find out who won what award. This can only mean one thing: chaos will ensue. And we’ll be online to react to it.

The best memes always seem to come from awards shows and red carpets. Jason Derulo falling down the stairs? From the Met Gala. Harry Styles being compared to Ashley Tisdale circa 2000s? The Grammys. Meryl Streep losing her mind at La La Land mistakingly getting Best Picture? The Oscars. You get it.

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So, while some of our team got to work writing about the best-dressed stars, or writing up bios on the presenters, others (me) did the important stuff: logged onto Twitter to find the best memes and reactions to what happened in real-time.

There was a lot of ground to cover this year. I mean, Timothée Chalamet showed up shirtless, Kristen Stewart showed up in shorts and Regina Hall got to work trying to find a hot boyfriend. Nothing but respect for her shooting her shot, especially when it was televised live.

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Whether you’re on the couch, losing steam in the second hour or need a bit more humor tonight, we got you. Take a look at some of our favorite Oscars 2022 memes below. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Jessica Chastain reaction one might take the top spot.

And, of course, we included a ton of reactions to that moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

First, we’ve got a very realistic depiction of us during every awards show and red carpet.

When @ArthShahverdyan proved the legend André Leon Talley always serves.


This too.

Then @_mattia_meli said what all were thinking.

So glad the Dune worm showed up after it was snubbed.

Or when @burnerhours did their awards show duty with this obligatory, never-not-funny Jason Derulo post.

This incredibly realistic RPatz number that memed a meme.

Listen, Billie does Reeses wrapper cosplay the RIGHT way.

We love when life imitates art.

Justice for Paddington—who was robbed of one too many Oscars.

Listen. @dojabins said what they said and they were not wrong.

Our award winner for Best Actress in a laughing picture.

When @PopCulture2000s did us all a favor and reminded us of this historic moment that will forever live in infamy.

One more shirtless Timmy. Just for fun, ya know?

Don’t get it twisted.

Jacob Elordi summer is here.

Uhhhhh… yeah.

Literally everybody when this moment happened.

Like, LITERALLY everybody.



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