Juno Temple Teases What the “Heartbreak” of Keeley and Roy Looks Like in ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3

juno temple in ted lasso season 2
Juno Temple Teases ‘Ted Lasso’ S3’s Big ChangesCourtesy of Apple

In a show that’s basically predicated on people being rays of sunshine, Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple takes her character, Keeley, to another level. Throughout seasons 1 and 2, the influencer turned PR expert grew so much that it’s almost easy to forget audiences met her as Jamie Tartt’s (lovable) WAG. But at the end of last season, she was at a major crossroads. She got an offer to start her own PR firm and put in her notice at AFC Richmond. And her relationship with Roy, which had quickly become a fan favorite, was maybe, potentially, completely over? And Juno made sure the character handled it all in her distinctly hilarious and optimistic way.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Juno spoke about navigating all of that coming into season 3, why Legally Blonde inspired her arc this season, and what we can expect from Keeley and Roy.

This season sees Keeley and Rebecca working separately, when they had that lovely working relationship at AFC Richmond. Do their characters grow together or apart?

I don’t think it means they grow apart from each other at all because what we see happening at the end of season 2 for Keeley is something that Rebecca is so proud of, and throughout this season, she’s going to be a guidance for Keeley. Keeley’s going to get things right and she’s gonna get things wrong. I don’t think they could grow apart, really. I would have put my foot down to that, I think.

I loved that moment in the first episode when Keeley was putting on this facade of “I’ve got it together” and then as soon as she shut her office door, the tears came. Have you ever had a moment like that in your career?

Almost weekly, I would say. [Laughs.] That’s such a great moment because so many people can relate to that. Rebecca isn’t always there when Keeley needs a beautiful bosom to cry on. But I love that also, Rebecca’s blouse gets ruined and she just doesn’t care. The surprise attack of tears, she handles it so brilliantly. It seems like she may have also been there too.

You’re right, it’s going to give Keeley opportunities to grow because she’s not going to be able to go to Rebecca all the time.

For sure. When you’re mentoring somebody, you hope that at some point, they’re going to go forth and prosper. My mom always said that when you have kids, the hardest but also the most gratifying day as a parent is when your kids move out into their first apartment. You don’t want them to leave because you’re going to miss the hell out of them, but at the same time, you’re like, baby bird’s ready to start spreading their wings.

juno temple and hannah waddingham in ted lasso season 3
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It’s a huge period of change for your character: new job, new relationship status. How do you navigate that as the person portraying her?

We get the scripts as we go along, so you can’t be thinking too far ahead in the future. You’ve got to really exist in what’s going on right then and there. Like real life. As long as you play each moment like you are living it for real and going along with your character’s trajectory and always remembering who your character is and where they come from, that’s what you always have to remember.

Were you able to give any character notes this season? Or do you mostly leave that to the writers?

I trust the writers implicitly, but I contribute to wardrobe. A big inspiration for Keeley and her company this year was Legally Blonde, which is totally one of my favorite movies ever. I have such fun collaborating with Jacky Levy, our costume designer, and Nicky Austin, our hair and makeup designer. There were conversations of like, if she’s stepping into this new position of having her own company, what kind of changes would that make? And I was like, “Well, I think she still has to be as quirky and pink and fluffy as Keeley has always been.” And everyone agreed. It’s still the Keeley that we know and love, right? Even if she’s in a position of power, she doesn’t think of it that way.

It’s empowering that Keeley steps into the CEO role and doesn’t change who she is from top to toe, because a lot of women have faced pressure to do so.

One hundred percent. She is who she is. A huge part of that is staying true to her gorgeous, mad look that she has going on. I kind of love the idea that she’s always overdressed for things where you should be more underdressed and then vice versa.

Keeley and Roy is a storyline for this season that people are obviously very invested in. How did you feel when you first read the scripts from season 2 that they were going their separate ways?

It’s a heartbreak. But it feels like that relatable situation where work and personal life sometimes get complicated together. And when one is really thriving, the other one maybe needs to take a pause. And throughout season 2, they really were encouraging each other to flourish in their paths of their careers.

brett goldstein and juno temple in ted lasso season 2
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Those breakups are always the toughest ones to watch play out, when you can tell the people still love each other but there are circumstances beyond their control.

Totally. That feels very relatable. And that’s something Ted Lasso does so well. These characters go through very human experiences that maybe we don’t talk about as often as we should, whether it be about panic attacks or relationships being complicated and timing being key.

What was it like to shoot that scene with Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy, in the season 2 finale where they do part ways?

It was hard because they’re coming from different headspaces when they’re talking about it. It’s not her saying she doesn’t want to go on holiday with him. It’s her saying that she can’t because she has to do this. It’s not entirely a choice thing, it’s that she’s been presented with this extraordinary opportunity. She doesn’t want to screw it up. But her saying that she can’t go could be perceived very differently by Roy.

What can you tease about Keeley and Roy for the rest of the season? What are you allowed to share?

Nothing, unfortunately! I’m proud of where all the characters go. They have such incredible journeys and emotional ones. And I think Keeley’s story is really surprising and fantastic and she handles certain situations absolutely brilliantly. And then she creates some slightly complicated situations and she learns a lot this season.

What’s your favorite memory of shooting the season that’s about to air?

I treasure every moment I get to work with Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca. I think she’s such a special woman. I’m so inspired by her and I love being around her. And some of the memories, too, that I love so much are actually when I would go and hang out in her dressing room…you know, get to hang out with one of my favorite humans in the world.

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