Julia Roberts's Message About Bathrooms Is What We All Need to Hear


Gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming more and more common, but if Julia Roberts could have her way, they'd all be like that. She shared that sentiment on Instagram today, posting a photo of herself standing at a bathroom marked "Gender Neutral" and encouraging her followers to learn more about a cause close to her heart: GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

"I wish they all said this," Roberts captioned the photo, which included her signature smile and a sign that showed four different icons: a female figure, a male figure, one that represents trans people, and a wheelchair. There's even braille for good measure, showing that this particular bathroom really is all-inclusive. There was one more thing in her caption, too. After a few emoji, she asked her followers to head to her story to learn more.

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When her fans did switch over to her Instagram Story, they were met with a second message of inclusivity. "Hi everybody, I want to talk to you about an organization that I feel really strongly about, it's called GLSEN," Roberts said. "GLSEN makes schools safe for every student no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity. I've donated, I'm asking you to. Click that donation button, every dollar helps. Means a lot. Thanks."

People adds that in the past, Roberts has implored her followers to give to a few choice causes. On Roberts's 49th birthday, she asked fans to donate $49 to GLSEN. The magazine also notes that in the past, Roberts has worked with Global Girls Alliance, which works to empower young women from around the world to achieve their potential. In 2017, Roberts worked with PACER, a non-profit that works to end bullying and "enhance the quality of life of people living with disabilities." The project coincided with the release of her film Wonder and included a T-shirt that read Choose Kind, a sentiment inspired by the movie.