Julia Fox Takes Low-Rise Pants to All New Lows in New York City

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Julia Fox Takes Low-Rise Pants to All New Lows in New York City

Julia Fox continues to test the limits of low-rise fashion with another pair of pubis-baring pants that I can only assume stay on her body with a combination of adhesive and sorcery. She was seen out and about in New York City wearing low-low-low-rise leather pants and a string bikini top with what appears to be some sort of high-heeled moon boot (though I can't be sure). Whatever else you say about her, we obviously can't stop talking about Fox's bold outfit choices, which I absolutely respect.

Instagram photos show that Fox was joined by Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn, who was wearing a yellow frock best described as Big Bird chic, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin, who wore jeans and a ribbed white tank top. It's fashion, don't ask questions. 

It's never entirely clear to me how seriously Fox takes herself or her looks. For instance, she posted this particular outfit to Instagram, as she often does. Except this picture was edited to include the back half of a horse in matching shoes so it looks like Fox is a fashion centaur. “Sleigh,” she captioned the image. Quinn commented on the post, “Omg I love." 

The ladies were visiting Indochine, a New York City hot spot. The restaurant also posted a vid of Fox and Quinn to its Instagram, with the caption “IT GIRL WEDNESDAYS.” Wait—are these two friends? Because if so, reality series when? I would watch Julia Fox and Christine Quinn running around New York City in their bonkers outfits and picking fights with fellow Manhattan socialites all day long. Somebody get me Bravo on the line, stat.

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