Julia Fox Says "Getting Older Is Hot," And Her Message Is Honestly So Empowering

 Julia Fox on TikTok
Julia Fox on TikTok

Julia Fox is hilarious, but also she has a serious point to make, so listen up.

The Uncut Gems actress took to TikTok this weekend to deliver an exceedingly enjoyable tirade on what's "hot" and "in" these days, and honestly? I'm obsessed.

"Just so you guys know, aging is fully in. Like, fully," she began.

"Like, dirty girl, ugly, um, not wearing clothes that fit your body type, just fully just wearing anything you want... All those things are in."

She then seemingly came for the beauty industry: "And if I see another product that says 'anti-aging' on the label, I'm suing!" she declared.

"I'm going to sue. I'm going to sue, because I'm gonna age, regardless of if I put that f***ing $500 serum on my face, and you all f***ing know it, and we know it, so let's stop lying to ourselves.

"Getting old is f***ing hot, OK, it is sexy. It is probably the sexiest time in life, actually, because being pretty and hot in your twenties is the f***ing trenches, OK? And I'm not going back there."

One commenter rightfully pointed out that Fox is very young: "Girl, what are you 30? Please," they wrote, but my interpretation is that she's looking to the future and challenging the fear we're taught to feel about aging, rather than calling herself old. Then again, I might be reading too much into it.

Many other people chimed in to wholeheartedly agree with Fox' sentiment. "If Julia fox says it then it’s true," someone said. "Julia Fox for Pope," someone else added. And in the same vein: "julia fox is my president," another said. LOL, I love this.