Kanye West and Julia Fox's latest couple photo includes some *major* PDA

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Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage, George Pimentel/Getty Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage, George Pimentel/Getty Images - Getty Images

Kanye West and Julia Fox's romance has been a whirlwind to say the least, from their intimate photoshoots together to Julia's in-depth essay about Ye on their second date.

Following news of Kanye's divorce from Kim Kardashian, which first broke in January 2021, Kanye, 44, has been the subject of speculation surrounding various love interests over the past year.

The most recent is, of course, Italian-American actress Julia Fox, 31. The pair were first linked in late December 2021 and, after less than a month, things already seem to be getting pretty serious.

Here's a look back at Kanye and Julia's relationship so far, starting with the most recent update.

29th January 2022 - Juliye kick their PDA up a notch

It hasn't even been long since the dinner and the essay that began all the Kanye West and Julia Fox hype, but they already feel like a bit of a celebrity mainstay already, don't they? Well as though they can read our minds the pair decide to kick their PDA-ing up a notch, posting a pretty full-on kissing picture to Instagram.

The post, which was initially shared by celebrity photographer Danielle Levitt shows the pair out celebrating at dinner in Paris, with Julia rocking her now typical thick black eyeliner reportedly done by Kanye himself. And, well, the snap is pretty full frontal.

Whatever you think of Juliye, these two really are the perfect height for each other, aren't they?

More Juliye content below...

Late December 2021 - Kanye and Julia are first linked

Rumours that Kanye and Julia were a *thing* first started in late December 2021 whenTMZ photographed the pair at a restaurant in Miami, Florida. A source said at the time, "it’s nothing serious" and reported that Kanye was "embracing single life."

Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images

5th January 2022 - The pair are reported to be dating

Less than a week after first being pictured together, Page Six reported that the duo were dating, with an insider adding, "Julia and Ye are dating. They both just got out of their former relationships, and they’ve helped each other recover immensely. They’re kind of kindred spirits, and it’s cool to watch."

7th January 2022 - Julia wrote an essay about her and Kanye's "instant connection"

As far as declarations of love go, we'd say writing a whole essay about the person you're dating is a pretty big deal. But it seems like these two are not a pair to do things by halves, as Julia wrote a whole essay about her and Ye's "instant connection" following their second date.

Opening up in the Interview magazine article, she wrote, "I met Ye in Miami on New Year’s Eve and it was an instant connection," with the piece published alongside some pretty intimate pictures of the pair. "His energy is so fun to be around. He had me and my friends laughing, dancing and smiling all night."

The actress added that, just a few short hours after meeting, Kanye flew across the country with her to see a show. "We decided to keep the energy going and fly back to New York City" she revealed, adding that afterwards they went to dinner at her "favourite restaurant".

"I was impressed" the Netflix star added. "At the restaurant, Ye directed an entire photo shoot for me while people dined! The whole restaurant loved it and cheered us on while it was happening. After dinner Ye had a surprise for me. I mean, I’m still in shock. Ye had an entire hotel suite full of clothes. It was every girl’s dream come true. It felt like a real Cinderella moment."

Julia went on, "I was so surprised. Like, who does things like this on a second date? Or any date! Everything with us has been so organic. I don’t know where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future I’m loving the ride."

Photo credit: George Pimentel - Getty Images
Photo credit: George Pimentel - Getty Images

9th January 2022 - Sources say Kanye and Julia are "not serious"

Following their very intense first meeting, fans may have been surprised to hear insiders reporting that things are "not serious" between the pair.

One source told E! Online that Kanye had "expressed it's not serious" adding that "he's not looking for anything right now and is really focused on his business."

Meanwhile, an insider close to Julia also revealed the actress to be on the same page. "She's having fun and taking it day by day," the source explained. "But being a mom to her son is her number one priority," they added, referencing the actor's 12-month-old son Valentino from a previous relationship.

Going on to share details on Kanye and Julia's connection, the first source revealed, "Kanye and Julia hit it off from the very first interaction they had. He truly loved her energy and passionate personality and knew she would be a perfect person to bounce creative ideas off of."

The insider continued, "He thinks she has [a] refreshing energy and they are having a lot of fun. Kanye is always working on something creative and Julia is definitely his latest muse. He had a vision for her and that's what inspired their date."

13th January 2022 - Julia responds to rumours that her relationship with Kanye is fake

Julia responded to rumours that her and Kanye's relationship is fake during an episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcast, which she co-hosts with friend Niki Takesh, while also sharing more details on how she feels about the rapper.

Asked by Niki about the "new man" in her life, Julia replied, "I don't know... For right now, I'm just living in the moment and I don't have any expectations. There's no labels, there's none of that. It's just people that make each other feel better.

"It's really such a Gemini/Aquarius connection. It's very inspirational. Our minds, we both work very fast, we keep up with each other which is cool."

Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images

Addressing rumours that her and Kanye's relationship is a "set-up thing" created by a PR company, Julia responded, "There's always people that think that every single celebrity scandal is a set up. I personally don't."

The actress also went on to call Ye a "genius", saying, "It's honestly just an honour to be in the presence and to be able to witness history happening," adding, "I'm just living my f***ing life, guys."

14th January 2022 - Kanye and Julia enjoy a bizarre night out with Madonna

Next up in a growing line of photoshoots for Julia and Ye, the pair enjoyed a fairly random night out with Madonna, plus professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and American football player Antonio Brown, and the photos are pretty bizarre.

Madonna's post from the night includes various pics of Julia and Kanye together, while a video shared by actor and musician Evan Ross shows the pair cuddled up together on the sofa.

Seems like things are moving pretty fast.

15th January 2022 - Julia does another in-depth interview about Kanye

Julia gave a second in-depth interview sharing details on her relationship with Kanye, with more photos of the pair published on the Interview site, including one which sees Kanye seeming to 'eat' Julia with a knife and fork while she lies on the table.

Asked about how her relationship with Ye is going, she replied, "You know, I’m so used to being fucked over in relationships, so I keep waiting for him to disappoint me, because he makes very grandiose promises, and it’s like, 'How could he ever pull it off with all the other things he has going on?' But he always does."

Responding to a question about what she and Ye talk about when they're alone, Julia explained, "Ideas. That’s what’s so exciting about being in the vicinity of someone who’s operating at the level that he is. These seemingly crazy ideas, he can make them come to life."

Julia went on to say that the biggest thing Kanye has dreamed up is "My transformation." She added, "After meeting him, a couple days later, all my shit was in boxes, gone. It was so cathartic. It wasn’t like I was just packing up my old clothes, it was like I was packing up my old life. I was like making that very conscious decision to really put everything in the box. To let go of the past."

Asked whether she's now in "Ye world," Julia replied, "Yeah, let’s be honest. Why not?" She went on to call her relationship with Kanye, "the most instant natural organic attraction and connection. I just feel really safe with him. It’s a redemption story."

25th January 2022 - Julia coins a couple name for her and Kanye

It seems that in the famous world you can't be an official celeb couple without an official celeb couple name - and Julia has taken things to the next level with Kanye by coining a moniker for the pair.

While it might usually be down to fans to decide couple names for the stars, Julia took to Instagram to announce her and Kanye's: Juliye.

The actress and model shared the "Juliye" couple name alongside a photo of her and Kanye holding hands as they attended Paris Fashion Week in matching all-black outfits. She captioned the pic simply, "Juliye" with a black heart emoji, so, yep, seems like the name is officially official then.

Photo credit: Julia Fox, @juliafox - Instagram
Photo credit: Julia Fox, @juliafox - Instagram

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