Julia Child’s Favorite Cocktail Is a 2-Ingredient Spin on a Classic

It turns the classic martini upside-down.

<p>The Spruce / Ali Redmond</p>

The Spruce / Ali Redmond

Still working on your Thanksgiving menu? First, same. Second, if you’re specifically in need of a special cocktail to incorporate into your holiday meal, I’ve got a great opportunity for you to pay homage to chef, author, and TV personality Julia Child—and don’t worry, it’s nowhere as complicated as some of her famous recipes.

Apparently, when she hosted Thanksgiving, Child served a boozy drink she created called a “reverse martini.” In case you need a primer: A classic martini is typically made with gin or vodka as a base, then a bit of vermouth, and sometimes an olive or lemon twist garnish. All the drink ingredients in Child’s version are alcoholic, but vermouth—which is technically a fortified wine infused with herbs and spices—has far less alcohol than gin.

What (and Why) Is the Reverse Martini?

Child liked to flip the classic martini proportions upside-down. Rather than gin or vodka with a little vermouth, she would use vermouth as the base of the drink and top it off with a gin float, which just means gin poured on top of an already-made drink. The reverse martini isn’t as strong in alcohol volume as a true martini, which is nice for anyone at the holiday gathering who doesn’t love an extra-boozy drink.

If you need more motivation to try out Child’s go-to holiday cocktail: By serving a less-boozy drink on Thanksgiving (or at any holiday gathering), you can do your part to keep everybody from getting drunk before the meal even starts—and that means they can fully enjoy the wine pairings you selected for all those delicious sides.

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How to Make Your Own Reverse Martini

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year—or if you’ve been tasked with running the bar—consider following in Child’s footsteps and reversing your own martinis. The drink is super easy to whip up. You just flip the proportions of your go-to martini recipe!

In a mixing glass that’s filled with ice cubes, pour five parts vermouth. Stir the drink well, then strain it into a cold cocktail glass. Pour one part gin on top of the already-mixed drink as a float, then garnish the finished product with your choice of olive or lemon peel.

If you’d like a bit more alcohol, or you’re not a huge vermouth fan, then you can also make a 50-50 gin martini (as you can guess, it’s equal parts gin and vermouth). Either way: Everybody at the table is sure to enjoy your variation on this classic cocktail. Happy Turkey Day!

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