Judge Mathis’ Children Grew Up in a ‘Black Empowerment Household’ | Kickback with Kindred

Before the premiere of Mathis Family Matters, Judge Mathis and his family come together for an interview with Kindred. They share what Judge Greg Mathis is really like as a dad and family man and reveal which family member(s) just can’t keep a secret. His adult children open up about what you can expect to see in the reality show and reflect upon mental health, coming out, allyship, and the modern millennial family. Plus, Greg and Linda Mathis explain how they raised their kids to grow up with confidence in a ‘Black empowerment household.’ Kickback with Kindred as Editorial Director Kelly Glass chats with the one and only Judge Mathis; his wife, Linda Mathis; and his adult children, Jade, Camara, Greg Jr., and Amir.