Judge Awards Cat 'Best in Show' for Having a 'Nose Made for Kisses'

I've always been inexplicably captivated by cat shows. They're like the feline version of a beauty pageant, with kitties strutting their stuff on the catwalk, hoping to impress the discerning judges. But honestly, when it comes to understanding what makes a winning cat and traits of the breeds of winning cats, I'm totally clueless.

That's why this video posted by @Newvisioncatclub is my new favorite thing ever.

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"She is short and cobby with heavy bones."

First of all, I need to give it up to this judge because I have never heard the word cobby before and now I'm gonna use it all the time. Cobby, according to the smart dictionary people on the internets, means small or very little. Plus, she basically called this cat stocky. She said this cat shops in the junior's husky department. She basically called this cat chonky.

"With a nose right in the middle for kisses." So, is this what cat show judges do? I can do this. I can totally be a cat show judge. If your club is going to have a cat show can I pleasepleasepleaseplease be a guest judge?

All of my criteria will be as follows:

This cat is floofy. Great to pet. Cat has very floofy fur. Also, cat seems like it may purr a lot. 10/10 would pet. This here cat can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. Also this cat has a cobby body. 

I mean sure, there's probably a lot more to it and you need to understand the different characteristics of different breeds of cat but now that I know the word cobby I think I'm well on my way to becoming a judge. I can also tell if a cat has a nose made for kissing.

I just need a ridiculously cool rhinestone belt and some cats to judge.

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