Judaline Cassidy, Plumber & Tradeswoman Activist

Judaline Cassidy became the first female plumber to be accepted into the Plumbers Local Union 371 in Staten Island, NY. She is also the first woman elected to the examining board of Plumbers Local Union No. 1 in New York City.

Currently, she serves on the Advisory Committee of the soon-to-be constructed Women's Building of New York City. She also recently established the nonprofit Tools & Tiaras, an organization that aims to introduce young women to the field of construction. Her motto is that once you hand a girl a tool you are giving her confidence, independence, and most of all, power.

She felt that empowerment when she enrolled at a technical institute near her home in Trinidad. As one of only three females pursuing plumbing as a career path, she learned early on that she would face challenges and barriers in the traditionally male-dominated field.

But, Judaline remained extremely passionate about her craft and works assiduously to promote a positive representation of women in construction so that the obstacles and resistance that she encountered can be eliminated for present and future tradeswomen.