Joy Reid Plans To Bring Black, Brown & Queer Voices on Her New Show “The ReidOut”

Joy Reid reveals some plans for her new primetime MSNBC show, which includes finding younger activist voices to come on as guests.

Video Transcript

MONET X CHANGE: If we look-- and obviously right now we're in a very-- what I think is a very beautiful time. We are seeing this new era of civil rights activism going on and Black Lives Matter. This year, we saw a really beautiful intersection of Pride and Black Lives Matter.

How have you seen the landscape, and how do you-- and how will-- on "The ReidOut," premiering July 20, how do you see bringing those Black and brown and queer voices through "The ReidOut"? Is that something that you'll be interested in?

JOY REID: Yeah, absolutely. You know, my daughter is a very proud member of the LGBT community. So, you know, and just supporting her has really grown my mindscape of, like, what the possibilities are. I mean, she--


JOY REID: --could not have lived the life that she can now when I was a kid. It would just not have even been possible.


JOY REID: I have friends that I look back on now that were LGBT who never could admit that and even live openly. And you think for young people now, even the fact that "RuPaul's Drag Race" is on TV is, like, revolutionary.


JOY REID: You think of-- you what I mean? Like, it just wouldn't be possible a generation earlier. So this young generation, to me, they are so smart, so bold, so open. They're pushing the society further than it has ever gone. Ever.


JOY REID: But there's still a lot of issues out there. And, as you said, you know, this year Pride has been very much mixed with the Black Lives Matter movement because you have things like the Black trans murder spree. It's like an epidemic of murders.

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah, yeah.

JOY REID: Particularly, I used to live in Miami. And people think of Miami as being this really friendly to the LGBT community, but there's a lot of problems there. And a lot of the murders are in Florida. So, I mean, those are the kind of issues that I feel like nobody really talks about that as much.


JOY REID: People talk about the progress, but there are a lot of issues that still need to be discussed. And we actually had a meeting today with the team where one of the things that we talked about is, where can we find those voices of young activists who are actually doing the work and put them on TV?

Because we always put, like, older newsy people, but we never put on the real people doing the work. So I'm gonna really try to do that.