Will Josh Allen have another huge game?

FFL Flash Alert - Coming off an incredible game last week, fantasy expert Tank Williams argues whether he'll do it again this week.

Video Transcript

- I don't know. My pick may be a little bit controversial. I'm going with Josh Allen. I know he started off the season NBA Jam. He's on fire! But I'm telling you, I'm not saying that the dude is trash like Jalen Ramsey. But he may be a little bit trash this week. Because the Rams are giving up the seventh-fewest points to fantasy quarterbacks. And this kind of reminds me of Dak Prescott last year. Where he started off the season hot because he was beating up on a whole bunch of basement bums to start of the season. And Josh Allen has done the same. So with this really tough match-up against the Rams, we're going to really see what he's talking about. So Josh Allen, everyone who's looking for big points out of Allen, Jared Goff, and those offenses. You may have to temper your expectations this week.