Jordin Sparks on the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and why this was her first protest

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks tells Yahoo Entertainment why it was the right time for her to join the Black Lives Matter protest. “It was really a beautiful experience,” she says. “It was great to be out there with everybody knowing that this is a movement not a moment.”

Sparks admits that she has been nervous to speak out publicly in the past but “I can’t just sit here and not speak on it.” She also reveals how she and her husband have been so emotional about what’s happening to the Black community in this country. “You can’t escape it right now," she explains. “We can’t ignore it anymore, and if we ignore it, we’re consciously making a choice to do so.”

Sparks has also been vocal on social media, supporting the movement and posting about the death of George Floyd. She knows she’ll have to speak to her son about this one day. “I hope that by the time he’s of age and we have to tell him, it’s better than this,” she explains. “Hopefully when he has kids he’ll never have to have that conversation again.”

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