Jordan Clarkson on Jazz flight’s emergency landing: ‘It might be over for us’

The Utah Jazz guard shared his experience on a harrowing experience during the team’s flight to Memphis, when a flock of birds caused a fire in the engine and forced an emergency landing.

Video Transcript

JORDAN CLARKSON: So when I sit on a plane is where I could see, you know, the engine and everything. I happen to be being a bad kid and, kind of, getting up and grabbing something in my bag while we was taking off and, you know, I just remember walking back to my seat. And as I got to my seat, I just hear a loud bang. And me and Mike looked at each other and he was, like, oh, those-- that was-- those are the birds. I guess Mike seen the birds passing through the window and then seeing it as it was happening.

So all I heard was a bang. And then I turned to look out the window and see the whole, like, engine shaking and everything. And then you see everybody in the back, kind of, like, you know, reacting to what's going on. And, you know, a lot of the people in the back that were sitting, like, you know, behind the engine and stuff like that, they seen a burst of flames. So immediately they-- they're probably thinking, like, the plane is fully caught on fire. And I see everybody, kind of, reacting towards that.

And then just recalling that whole situation was pretty crazy. The whole plane just started shaking. It was just a-- it's definitely something that, you know, experience that I'm happy that, you know, we able to tell because, like I said, a lot of us really, you know, came to like a point at least 30 seconds in that flight, everybody came to the point where it was like this might be over for us. And, you know, it's sad to say that and, you know, I don't play with death any anything like that. And it's just something that, you know, we got to push through, and come together, and, you know, keep going.