Who is Jordan Alexander and how old is she?

The Gossip Girl reboot is here and there's a new, gentler queen bee ruling the Upper East Side. Actress Jordan Alexander plays Julien Calloway, the most popular girl at Constance Billard who disowns the previous social hierarchies' mean girl ways. Calloway is an influencer with a secret sister and a middling relationship. But now that Alexander's star is on the rise, the new It girl appears to be doing some influencing of her own. Alexander is 27 years old and currently has 62,000 Instagram followers. Alexander sings and plays guitar. She dropped her debut album The Lonely Hearts Club in 2016 and opened up for Kehlani at Toronto Pride in 2018. When she isn't wearing one of her many hats as a performer, she attends rallies and protests to support the LGBTQIA+ community and BIPOC. The actress is openly queer and did a shoot with her girlfriend for Dauphine magazine. “I feel empowered knowing I'm lucky enough to be able to live my authentic truth and self," Alexander told Dauphine