John Stamos reveals how Ryan Gosling helped him embrace his inner love for Disney

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John Stamos has loved Disney since he was a child, but a moment with Ryan Gosling helped solidify his love as an adult.

Stamos appeared on the “Baby, This is Keke Palmer” podcast to talk to his former “Scream Queens” co-star about their mutual love for all things Disney.

When asked by Palmer if he was aware of the term “Disney adult” and how people think it's "strange," he replied, “Well, I think they’re strange. It’s great if you have kids, but adulting is so cool there because there’s so many other things to do.”

However, Stamos didn’t always feel this way about his love of Disney theme parks.

The 59-year-old said that six or seven years ago, he thought he would have to “shed this Disney thing” for his career. He explained, “Who’s going to take me seriously with the Mickey Mouse stuff? I have to distance myself from it.”

It wasn’t until he had dinner with Gosling that he felt more confident in his love of Disney. At one point during the dinner, Stamos recalled the actor asking him if he was a fan of Disney before sharing his mutual love for the park.

“He goes, ‘I’m obsessed, I’m a Disney adult,’” Stamos said. “‘I go there by myself, I wear headphones, I go on rides, I have a mixtape.’ I go, ‘Yeah, me too. I’m a Disney guy too.’ That kind of turned the corner for me.”

As a kid who grew up in Orange County, California, Disneyland has been a part of Stamos’ life since he was a child.

He told Palmer that his favorite memory of Disney was going with his parents when he was a kid, with both Stamos and Palmer agreeing that Disneyland brought back fond memories from both of their childhoods.

“I had a nice, happy childhood, and I’m sure you did too, so I wasn’t running away from anything,” Stamos said. “But I think it really defined who I am as an artist, as a human, because it was just so full of love and optimism, happiness. You go through the turnstile, and I think that’s what Disney wanted you to feel, but everything else goes away.”

In addition to being drawn to the park as a child, he and his family have had several milestone moments at the theme park over the years.

The former “Full House” star proposed to his now wife of five years, Caitlin McHugh, at Disneyland in October 2017 — less than six months before the couple’s February 2018 wedding. Luckily for Stamos, McHugh is an even bigger Disney fan than him.

The couple also celebrated their honeymoon at Disney World, with Stamos revealing to Palmer that they spent the night in Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.

Now, Stamos and McHugh get to take their 5-year-old son, Billy, to Disney for trips as a family of three. The actor said his son loves Disney but isn’t a big fan of the rides just yet. Still, Stamos said his wife is able to take their son to the park every weekend for some family bonding time.

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