John Stamos Congratulates 'Brightest Inspiration' Jamie Lee Curtis on Oscar Nomination With Sweet Instagram Photo

The actress has received her very first nomination for 'Everything Everywhere All at Once.'

Jamie Lee Curtis has finally earned her first Oscar nomination, and her pal John Stamos could not be more excited over the news.

Curtis' first nod is for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Everything Everywhere All at Once, and her former Scream Queens costar had nothing but pride following the announcement, which he shared with the world in a new photo posted to Instagram late on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

"Congrats to my spirit animal @jamieleecurtis ! The fiercest bad ass I know," the Full House alum wrote.

He went on to share an anecdote about driving into work one day when the actress shared a bit about a new role she had accepted. "She sent a few pictures of her sporting long hot dog like fingers," he explained. "The first words out of my mouth were, 'You’re going to get nominated for an Oscar!'"

Curtis blew him off, assuming no one would see the "small little movie" she was working on. "Well Jamie, you made it a big one and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Congratulations!" he wrote. "You continue to be one of the brightest inspirations to me and everyday I remind myself how lucky and grateful I am that you’re in my life. Love you! XOJS. #everythingeverywhereallatonce"

Along with the thoughtful message, he shared a sweet photo of the pair, likely on set in a studio together if the warning lighting in the background is anything to go by.

Someone else snapped the photo as the two looked down at another phone in Stamos' hand, with the actor looking rather befuddled by whatever was on screen. Curtis, for her part, wrapped her arms around her friend, smiling down at the device in his hand.

Fans were delighted by the snap of the two unexpected friends, and for Curtis' success, of course.

"OMG I love that you two are pals. Something so right about that," one follower wrote in response.

"Love this ❤️," said another.

"Our girl did it! @jamieleecurtis makes everything bigger and better and funnier and happier and soulfuller and wonderfuller. Lucky US!" wrote a third, while someone else said, "❤️Congrats on the nomination, Jamie Lee Curtis 👏👏and wow what a beautiful post, John! 😍"

Others couldn't help but to look for more ways to see the duo together on screen again. "Guest star on Big Shot season 3 jk jk (or am I joking?) 👀👀👀," suggested one, and hey, we'll take what we can get!

Curtis shared the photo on her own Instagram page with the caption, "FRIENDS SUPPORTING FRIENDS."