'John Lewis: Good Trouble' featurette: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on what John Lewis means to her.

Video Transcript

HILLARY CLINTON: When I think about John Lewis being beaten because he dared to demand voting rights for black people, we are now going backwards. We're going backwards with voter suppression and voter purging, and we're going backwards with propaganda and hacking and direct interference by a foreign adversary. John is a rebuke to all of the cruelty that we see in our politics, unfortunately today.

He campaigns wholeheartedly for other people. He travels as much as he can across our country, delivering a message of love and kindness and tolerance, but combined with strength and determination to stand against the forces of negativity that we face. So I hope he will keep doing that, because his voice and his example are probably needed now as much as they've ever been since he was a young man crossing that bridge in Selma.