John Leguizamo is on a mission to tell positive Latinx stories

John Leguizamo’s new movie, "Critical Thinking," tells the true story of five Latinx and Black teens from an underprivileged Miami neighborhood, who go on to become 1998 National Chess Champions. Leguizamo plays the inspirational chess coach and also makes his directorial debut. “I’m just dying to see positive Latin stories out there,” he tells Yahoo Entertainment. The lack of Latinx representation in Hollywood is a major issue for the actor. “It’s unbelievable that our stories aren't’ being told and there’s one reason for that,” Leguizamo explains. “Executives don’t see us, don’t get us — don’t care about us.” He's decided to take a stand and boycott this year's Emmy Awards. “I’m boycotting,” he says. “If you don’t have Latin people, there’s no reason for me to see it. What’s the point?”