John Cena Matches BTS & Fans’ $1 Million Donations To Black Lives Matter

Christina Marfice

John Cena was so moved by BTS and their fans, he also donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter

The fallout from George Floyd’s murder at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers continues, as people across the U.S. and around the world continue to march, rally, protest, raise money, and more to fight racism and inequality. Celebrities and public figures have joined that fight in their own ways, including K-Pop band BTS, who announced a $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter, which was promptly matched by their fans, often called the BTS Army, who raised $1 million of their own. And WWE superstar John Cena was so moved by it all, that he just announced a matching donation of his own.

“Very happy to join #BTSARMY in efforts to match @BTS_twt tremendous donation,” he wrote on Twitter. Cena also retweeted the band’s statement with his own: “One of the many reasons I respect @BTS_twt and #ARMY.”

BTS wrote in their tweet, “We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together,” and added the hashtag for Black Lives Matter.

Cena also followed up his praise for BTS and the Army with a longer statement about all the change that’s happening in the world right now.

“Change is never easy because it takes us admitting that our efforts and methods may be flawed to a point of severe distortion,” he wrote. “Be brave and open minded in these moments. Welcome ideas and limit excuses. Change is uncomfortable but can yield much more joy for all in the long run.”

Cena is right — change isn’t easy. But if there’s anything we’re learning from this movement, it’s that change is absolutely necessary. Black people deserve to live without fear in America, and it’s going to take changes from all of us to make that happen. Big statements and donations from celebrities are just the beginning. There are actions we can all take, even if we don’t have the means to donate.

BTS and their record label, Big Hit Entertainment, announced their $1 million donation last Saturday. It took less than 24 hours for their fans, the BTS Army, to raise their own $1 million donation to match it. It was definitely impressive and heartwarming to see, so it’s no wonder Cena was so moved by it all. We certainly were, and we hope this only inspires more action.

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