John Cena Doesn't Believe in Cheat Days

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John Cena Doesn't Believe in Cheat DaysNBC - Getty Images
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JOHN CENA IS one of the most jacked actors working in Hollywood right now, as evidenced by his nude skit at Sunday night's Oscars. And his fitness regime is pulling double duty, with him balancing his film career with a return to WWE. So understandably, the Peacemaker star likes to keep himself "accountable" in terms of what he eats.

Cena just appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to talk about his new movie Ricky Stanicky and his upcoming WrestleMania event. During his conversation with Barrymore, he answered a series of "burning questions" posed by WWE stable The New Day—but when Big E asked him about his go-to cheat meal, it prompted Cena to get serious, and share his philosophy on the idea of "cheat days" in general.

"So I love this question, right? 'What is your favorite cheat meal?' Because this is vernacular that has made its way into our vocabulary that everybody uses," he said. "I just don't look at it like that. Because, let's say if you're in a relationship that values monogamy, do you then say, 'what is my favorite cheat day?' No, you don't."

"The reason I bring up the 'hey what's my cheat day' in a monogamous relationship is because it makes no sense," he continued. "You should be accountable for your choices. So when someone asks me, 'hey, what's your favorite cheat meal?' I turn to them, I'm like 'yo I just don't look at life like that.'"

However, that isn't to say Cena doesn't actually indulge in eating treats—he just doesn't call it that. He went on to list the foods that are "high in calories" and "bad for you" that he can't resist:

"I love pizza, I love ice cream, man, I love all baked goods. If you put a stack of pancakes in front of me, it is gone," he said, adding—to Drew's delight—that his absolute fave is "a fresh big blueberry muffin."

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