Joey King Is A Badass Queen With Abs Of Steel In A Deep-V Blazer On IG

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Joey King Is A Badass Queen With Abs Of Steel In A Deep-V Blazer On IG
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  • Joey King is wrapping up all her press for her newest film, The Bullet Train, but she's not finished sharing her absolutely iconic outfits.

  • The actress, 23, shared a series of photos on Instagram wearing a deep-V suit that put her strong abs (and a little underboob) on full display.

  • Joey goes hard in the gym, especially when she's training for intense roles that require stunt work.

It’s hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy toward Ms. Joey King lately. After all, she’s been living it up on red carpets across the globe for her new film The Bullet Train, and posing with her new BFF Brad Pitt! (Her mom and grandma even got a pic 🥺.)

The 23-year-old actress gave us something else to talk about with her outfit for the Los Angeles premiere of her film. Joey wore an all-white outfit with a plunging neckline by Azalea Wang that showed a little underboob and accentuated her ultra-toned abs.

The outfit features a structured (but totally open) blazer with cut-outs on the side, and a feathery skirt that made her look like a true 1920s flapper, especially when paired with her slicked hair, and gorgeous above-the-eye white eyeliner.

Joey was feeling the love, and captioned her photos, “The Bullet Train Los Angeles premiere was just UGH SO GOOD! Celebrating with my family and everyone who came out was so damn joyous. Thank you to my killlerrr team for making this look happen. I truly felt like a badass assassin dressed to kill ❤️🔥.”

Her comments were filled with praise for her work, and for her look, naturally. “You. Are. Slaying.” wrote one of her followers. Drew Barrymore wrote “ICON.” Icons supporting love to see it.

Joey definitely looks the part of a badass assassin (see: incredibly toned abs). But luckily for her fans, she has been pretty open with her workout routine.

Joey works out four to five times a week, she told The New Potato. "I absolutely love exercise because I feel energetic and happy when I work out on a regular basis, but sometimes vegging out is so necessary," she said.

Running and boxing are among her favorite ways to get a sweat in! But she also does strength training, as evidenced by this epic deadlift.

When Joey started training for The Princess, her workout pace picked up to accommodate for all of her stunt work. She told Byrdie that she spent three to four hours a day learning stunts, including skateboarding.

She broke down a day in the life for the publication, which honestly sounds pretty intense.

"I wake up, I pack my Gatorade and many liters of water. I eat a big breakfast: a bowl of oats with lots of fruit and some toast. I head to training, where I f***in go for it for a few hours. Then I have meetings to prepare for the rest of the film. Then I take a shower, shove myself in an ice bath, and then I am miserable while I'm doing that. But then I get out and sleep like a goddamn baby.”

Obviously, Joey needs to keep at it in the gym to stay on top of her demanding filming schedule, but it also helps her mental health. And exercising helps her feel less tense. "If I’m feeling pent up and I don't know why, if I just move my body, then all of a sudden I’m so much more relaxed," she told the outlet.

As for her diet, Joey likes to make sure she eats nutritious foods, but she also definitely knows how to indulge when necessary.

"If I’m craving a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta, sometimes I just need to listen to my body and indulge," she told Byrdie. "You definitely have to find a balance, though, because eating the right things has incredible health and healing benefits. It’s not about how you look–it’s about taking care of your body so you can be the best.”

Joey — you are killing it!

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