Joe Biden Calls Out Trump's 'White Flag' Approach To COVID-19

In US news and current events today, former Vice President Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump for ‘[waving] a white flag’ in the face of a virus that’s already killed more Americans than WWI.

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has decimated our economy and cost well over 100,000 lives, and the pandemic keeps growing in many parts of the country. President Trump has not offered much in the way of solutions for the growing COVID pandemic, and has in fact tried to downplay the threat as COVID19 cases rise. The Coronavirus pandemic has revealed the true nature of the President Donald J. Trump presidency, and his opponent Joe Biden has no qualms taking him to task for it. For 2020, Election 2020 could be the most important election of our lives, and no matter where you stand on Trump vs. Biden or Biden vs. Trump, the fact remains that you should use your voice and vote. This Joe Biden speech is a reminder of what the nominee stands for, and how he compares to President Trump.

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