Joanna Gaines Posts Rare Videos of Her Youngest Son and We're Emotional

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Just 10 years after her home improvement show debuted on HGTV, Joanna Gaines has become a design and culinary icon and a media mogul with fans around the globe.

And to keep all of us in-the-loop about her latest projects and current inspiration, Joanna is a prolific publisher on social media. Amidst video how-tos for some of the recipes in her new cookbook, Magnolia Table, Volume 3, the Fixer Upper star has been offering fans a sweet sneak peek into the world of her kids, especially her youngest son, Crew.

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Chip’s mini me is going viral on Instagram this week in a series of adorable and heartwarming videos. The three al fresco short films prove that this apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

First up, Joanna and Crew team up to build a “high rise condo” for the roly polys (AKA pill bugs) complete with plants and play areas. When Joanna says, “They’re so happy, Crew!” The little one asks, “Are they too happy?” And Joanna responds, “They’re just-right happy.”

Later that week, Joanna says that “Crew wanted to create a rest and retreat village for our hardworking garden fairies,” so he took to a garden plot and created an impressive pint-sized landscape. What was once a bed of mulch transforms into a neighborhood full of moss “grass,” tiny homes, a serene pond, rock paths and even a spot for a baby bike to pedal around. Mom cleverly places “before” and “after” captions on the videos to celebrate her son’s budding DIY skills.

Or should we say Crew’s out of this world skills? Most recently, Joanna shows off Crew proudly rocking his NASA space suit and helmet. In the video, he runs outside the home, proudly looks back to mom and shares two strong thumbs up, then playfully peeks out from a corn field.

After this heartwarming series of videos, we’re feeling inspired to channel our inner child and play pretend again!

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